How To Fix Hail Damages on Your Car For Free

- I wish I could fix the dents on my car from the last hail storm...
- Auto Dent Company can fix them and make your car look brand new.
- Well, I don't have money to get it fixed.
- Don't worry about it. Auto Dent Company will assist you with your hail claim and your insurance company will cover the cost of repairs.
- I don't have money for the deductibles though.
- No problem, Auto Dent Company has a "zero out of pocket" goal, so we waive your deductibles. It's FREE!
- It's cool, but I'm afraid this hail claim will raise my rates.
- Hail claim won't raise rates because a hail storm is considered an act of god.
- OK, but if I drop my car, I won't have any mean of transportation.
- Don't worry, if your insurance company does not provide you a rental car, Auto Dent Company will provide you a free one. We also offer a Pick Up & Delivery service.
- Awesome, I will tell some of my friends about this opportunity. It sounds great!
- Good idea! We have a referral program. We will give you $150 if you refer Auto Dent Company to a hail damaged car owner.
-Thank you Mother Theres... I mean Auto Dent Company. You made my day!
-You're welcome! We're looking forward to seeing you at the shop!
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