Jennifer Dropped Her Car at Auto Dent Company, Here is What Happened

Another Day at Auto Dent Company

Jennifer came to see us at Auto Dent Company to get her car fixed. She had a white 2013 Volkswagen Jetta that she was really proud of. The only issue was that her car was damaged by a golf ball size hail storm that occurred in Fort Worth, Texas. Jennifer was about to be married and she wanted her car to be dent-free for that special event.

We Took Care of Her Car

We evaluated the damages and reassured her that these were fixable damages. Paintless dent repair is actually an elaborate technique requiring certain skills and tools to apply the right amount of pressure to the dent in order to restore the car’s original condition. Some damages do not qualify for the use of this technique. In fact, one of the advantages of this method is that the factory finished paint is not altered by the repair. So we called State Farm, her insurance company, and handled the hail claim.  Jennifer left the Haltom City’s shop with a free rental car offered by the company for the duration of the repairs.

One Dent Drove a Technician Crazy

The technicians began to work on her car to get it ready for the wedding. Since they are experienced, most dents are usually fixed on autopilot, meaning that they already know the tools that they’re going to use, the angling and the amount of pressure that they will need.  However, one dent was at a tricky location. It was right at the edge of the car’s hood. After wrestling about two hours with the dent, he finally found a way to fix it and screamed “Done!”  Sweating, but relieved, he got a well-deserved round of applause from the other technicians, plus a water bottle.

Happy End

Three days later, Jennifer came and picked up her car and was extremely satisfied with the result. She couldn’t stop caressing the flawless bodywork of her car. The car was officially ready for the wedding. The best part is that since hail damage is considered an “Act of God”, she didn’t spend a penny because everything was covered by her insurance. Moreover, she earned $100 because she referred the company to one of her friends. Today was a good day at Auto Dent Company.

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