Interview with Ryan Kearns, Owner of Auto Dent Company

What's your background?

My background has always been in business. My Dad, and his Dad both owned their own business and I got to see first hand how they treated their employees and their customers. My Dad owned a courier service and I saw him build it from the ground up. I'm always aiming to implement basic business principals that they taught me when I was younger like, "if you do a good job, they'll tell 10 people, if you a bad job, they'll tell 50 people."

 Why have you decided to get into the PDR business?

I saw a niche and a need in the auto industry for great customer service. I've had some pretty rough experiences with fixing my car and I saw the companies that always did well and treated me right always had great customer service!

It didn't hurt that my dad also had some hot rods in the garage growing up. That's probably what began my fascination with cars.

When did you start the company?

I started the company in July 2015 in Houston, TX. I was the only employee back then, and now we employ 25 people. Pretty good growth in the first couple years of business build off of our core values as a company

What were some of the challenges in the early days?

Proving ourselves! For example: it takes a year to even apply to the Better Business Bureau! We were, and still kind of are, the new guys on the block. We've gotten a lot of great reviews from great customers and it's becoming a lot easier to gain new customers' trust!

How did you overcome them?

Hard work and dedication. Putting the customers and employees first and reinvesting all of the profits back into the company to further assist the same customers and employees that helped us get this far!

How is the routine of a startup?

You just have to work half days. Either the first of the second half :)

What is your vision for the future of this company?

To become the nation's leader in overall customer service in the auto industry and ultimately become one of the best places to work.

What did you learn so far running a startup?

I thought I knew a lot about business from my first company doing sales and marketing for AT&T in Florida, but there was still a lot to learn.

The biggest thing for me to remember was to keep learning. Keep reading books and asking for advice. Surrounding myself with the best people in the paintless dent repair industry and picking their brains and just keeping my ears open for new ideas from my employees.

We've made a lot of mistakes but we've also progressed so much as a company. The good outweighs the bad on the decision making processes this last couple of years

What advice would you give to someone starting a company?

Be prepared, be on time, work a full day, work your territory correctly, have and maintain a positive attitude, respect your customers and clients, take control, and understand your opportunity!!!


How To Fix Hail Damages on Your Car For Free

- I wish I could fix the dents on my car from the last hail storm...
- Auto Dent Company can fix them and make your car look brand new.
- Well, I don't have money to get it fixed.
- Don't worry about it. Auto Dent Company will assist you with your hail claim and your insurance company will cover the cost of repairs.
- I don't have money for the deductibles though.
- No problem, Auto Dent Company has a "zero out of pocket" goal, so we waive your deductibles. It's FREE!
- It's cool, but I'm afraid this hail claim will raise my rates.
- Hail claim won't raise rates because a hail storm is considered an act of god.
- OK, but if I drop my car, I won't have any mean of transportation.
- Don't worry, if your insurance company does not provide you a rental car, Auto Dent Company will provide you a free one. We also offer a Pick Up & Delivery service.
- Awesome, I will tell some of my friends about this opportunity. It sounds great!
- Good idea! We have a referral program. We will give you $150 if you refer Auto Dent Company to a hail damaged car owner.
-Thank you Mother Theres... I mean Auto Dent Company. You made my day!
-You're welcome! We're looking forward to seeing you at the shop!
Visit 1617 Iron Street, North Kansas City, MO 6411
Call  1. 913.439.06.07 or 1.800.379.9418 
Visit Autodentcompany.com to get a free quote


Win the Car Meme Competition and Get $150!

A dinner in a cool restaurant, a Spa, a round-trip DFW-Las Vegas... just a couple of ideas about what you can do with $150. This week Auto Dent Company organizes a car meme contest! If you win, you get $150!
All you need to do to win the prize is to follow these steps:

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Step 3: Post a funny car meme in the group
Step 4: Get the most "Likes"

The competition ends this Sunday November 6th at 11PM.
Add your friends in the group and let's have fun!


Jennifer Dropped Her Car at Auto Dent Company, Here is What Happened

Another Day at Auto Dent Company

Jennifer came to see us at Auto Dent Company to get her car fixed. She had a white 2013 Volkswagen Jetta that she was really proud of. The only issue was that her car was damaged by a golf ball size hail storm that occurred in Fort Worth, Texas. Jennifer was about to be married and she wanted her car to be dent-free for that special event.

We Took Care of Her Car

We evaluated the damages and reassured her that these were fixable damages. Paintless dent repair is actually an elaborate technique requiring certain skills and tools to apply the right amount of pressure to the dent in order to restore the car’s original condition. Some damages do not qualify for the use of this technique. In fact, one of the advantages of this method is that the factory finished paint is not altered by the repair. So we called State Farm, her insurance company, and handled the hail claim.  Jennifer left the Haltom City’s shop with a free rental car offered by the company for the duration of the repairs.

One Dent Drove a Technician Crazy

The technicians began to work on her car to get it ready for the wedding. Since they are experienced, most dents are usually fixed on autopilot, meaning that they already know the tools that they’re going to use, the angling and the amount of pressure that they will need.  However, one dent was at a tricky location. It was right at the edge of the car’s hood. After wrestling about two hours with the dent, he finally found a way to fix it and screamed “Done!”  Sweating, but relieved, he got a well-deserved round of applause from the other technicians, plus a water bottle.

Happy End

Three days later, Jennifer came and picked up her car and was extremely satisfied with the result. She couldn’t stop caressing the flawless bodywork of her car. The car was officially ready for the wedding. The best part is that since hail damage is considered an “Act of God”, she didn’t spend a penny because everything was covered by her insurance. Moreover, she earned $100 because she referred the company to one of her friends. Today was a good day at Auto Dent Company.

And you? What is your story? Visit Auto Dent Company.